Best Infographic Design Tools

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What Is Info Graphic Design?

An info graph makes full use of the brains ability to process pictures faster than words or data. As such seemingly, incomprehensible data is presented to the brain in pictographs that are assimilated much faster by the brain than mere bundles of data. The popularity of pictographs is evident among magazine readers and people who browse the web. To make a pictograph really well, is not a simple task, but takes skilful manipulation to do well. To create something extraordinary with the mainstream programs can take time, but fortunately, there are some great tools around that streamline the process significantly.

InFoto Free

If you take many photos with your android phone, you may want to get InFoto. This application takes the EXIF data attached to the pictures you have snapped and turn them into passable info graphics. The program is very well written and the paid version is very cheap. This is a small but rather amazing info graphic design tool.

Get About

Upon signing into Facebook, this application named Get About permits you to create your own individualized info graphics relating to your Facebook activity. Depending on your social traffic, this info graph application creates neat info graphs showing your activity.

This is an excellent web-based info graphic design tool, that gives you various free templates to get you started and these are fully customizable. There are various libraries of tools to access with things like shapes, arrows, and connector lines. Even the text is customizable with settings for color, different text styles, and even sizes.


This great tool serves two purposes;  info graphic as well as a presentation tool which allows you to convert unappealing data into attractive info graphics in a few easy steps. Modifying fonts, color schemes, insert graphics and uploading shapes and images is quick and easy with the applications editor. A greatly appreciated feature of this application is the gridline templates that greatly simplify the process of aligning elements and even resizing pictures while keeping original proportions.

Google Developers

The Google giant brings its own application to the table and as can be expected Google chart tools are very effective, easy to use and best of all, free. There are several charts to choose from and many sets of options to tweak to until a satisfactory fit can be found for your website. Since your data is connected in real time this application, Google Developers is definitely the best generator for your website. Various info graphic design tools are available enough to cover every considerable need.

This is yet another excellent free tool that offers to the user numerous maps, graphs and charts and on top of that allows the user to upload pictures and video’s and with those amazing info graphs can be created. The goodies does not stop there, the actual customization of the data happens in a excel style spreadsheet which are very easy to edit should it be necessary the user can then sit back and the application as it alters the appearance of the info graphic until it represents your data faithfully. Once all the tweaking has been completed, you can publish the completed product to the Infogram website for all to see.

Which ever tool you use, you can always guarantee that with us you’ll get the best design all the time!

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