Disney Infographics – Best Infographic Examples

Disneyland Anniversary 2015 – Great Infographic Examples for Disney Infographics

Few things apply so much to people’s imagination and create such a warm, fuzzy fealing in our hearts, as childhood memories.

And, of course, some of us plan to never grow up. That’s why, Disney infographics, filled with our favourite childhood animation characters and Marvel infographics, that showcase different superheroes and their attributes will never go out of fashion.

For many businesses, creating such types of Infographics, as Disney Infographics, is a real chance to promote their product or service, by creating a movie-themed infographic, that can easily go viral.

Take a look at the infographic, that Infographic Design Services created for Childrens Book Illustration to commemorate Disneyland Anniversary 2015 with a great overview of the Walt Disney Theme Parks from around the world.

Disney Infographics

Walt Disney Theme Parks from Around the World – Disney Infographic Examples

From Disneyland in California, which was the pioneer park created in 1955 by Walt Disney himself, to Disney World in Florida, Tokyo Disney in Japan, Euro Disney in France, Disney Park in Hongkong and still under construction Shanghai Disney, our Disney Theme Parks Infographic has the full list of Disney Theme Parks and Locations with all interesting facts and statistics. Have you visited any of the mentioned parks in our Disney Infographics, as part of Disney Infographic Examples? Which one did you like best?

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