10 Greatest Economic Bubbles in History Infographic

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Most Famous Speculative Economic Bubbles of All Times

It’s a human nature to try to find easy means of making money, without having to put much effort into the process. Even if we realize, that there is no way to escape the disaster, that the economic venture we are investing into is a bubble, that is about to burst anytime soon, we just invest and cross our fingers, hoping we will have time to get our money back before its too late.

My Experience with Economic Bubbles

I am not trying to sound condescending here. I have bought a piece of land in the oh-so-successful suburbs in 2006, hoping to resell it in a year and receive some easy profit, but, life happened, the housing bubble crashed, and here stands my land useless to me and everyone else, almost ten years later. Even if I did find the buyer for the property right now, I wouldn’t even get back half of what I invested (and dollar was worth a lot more in 2006, than it is worth now).
So we all have been there, done that.

Speculative Bubbles Definition

What is the speculative bubble, after all? Economic or speculative bubble is an occurrence in the economy of a country or a group of countries, when trading for specific commodity or service is happening for inflated prices.
I had great fun researching the article and learning all the interesting facts about the greatest economic bubbles in history.

Speculative Bubbles in History Infographic

Take a look at our 10 Greatest Economic Bubbles in History Infographic that we have created for Accounting Assignment Help.

Speculative Bubbles

Most Fun Speculative Bubbles in History

One of my favorite was the Dutch Tulip Bubble – hey, I love pretty flowers as much as the next guy, but selling a bulb for a brewery?- a historically noted fact- I don’t think so. And the South Sea Bubble – I had fun reading about the way British government covered its debt by selling rights to trade in the territory, that actually belonged to Spain at the time. Was that sneaky, or what?
One of the bubbles that gave me the pause was the Dot Com Bubble. 30-year-old millionaires, creating cool sites, making such high profits, and then suddenly everyone realizes, that the prices are speculative, and no one actually needs software services for such price? Ring any bells?

Read and Enjoy Greatest Economic Bubbles in History Infographic

I hope you enjoy examining our Most Famous Economic Bubbles in History Infographic and not only become smarter by reading all the important information about the most famous Speculative Bubbles of All Times but share it with your friends too. 🙂

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