Eurovision 2017 in Facts and Stats [Infographic]

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The Eurovision Song Contest has never been short of controversy, and there’s always something new and unusual that happens every single year. There are all kinds of facts and figures that you probably would have never realized were true while watching the latest iteration of this flamboyant and unforgettable European musical event. Discovering all this new information is never easier and more fun than with the help of colorful and bright infographics.
eurovision 2017 infographic

Although the producers didn’t quite hit the right note with their rigid choice of male presenters, they did otherwise do a marvelous job of displaying wide and diverse range of talents from within the host country of Ukraine and beyond. If you were wondering what this year’s symbol is, you’ll be glad to know that it’s a traditional beaded necklace that represents the arts and crafts honed by Ukrainian women over the ages.

Aside from Australia being granted the permanent right to join in on proceedings after previously enjoying a somewhat controversial guest status, a quick flick through the rulebook reveals that singers don’t even need to hail from the country they’re representing. Tiny Luxembourg has won an impressive 5 times, but not a single one of their winners were actually Luxembourgish themselves.

Some countries take Eurovision way more seriously than others. Portugal has tried and failed to win Eurovision 49 times in the past, but will now enjoy hosting the competition in Lisbon for the first time ever after winning the 2017 competition in Kyiv.



One point that’s commonly not thought about is all the work that goes on behind the scenes. It takes months to plan and set up an arena so that it matches the standards required. The 2017 competition used over 1,800 lighting fixtures that consumed over 800,000 Watts.

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