Famous Friendships in History [Infographic]

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Famous artists, famous writers, famous scientists – have you ever wondered what their life is like? Do they love and hate, make friends like common people? All answers in our Famous Friendships in History Infographic.

Take a look at Famous Friendships in History [Infographic]. We have listed ten most famous friendships in history there. Who is your favorite pair?

famous friendships in history

This infographic was retrieved from Do My Essay. Elliot, Marx Groucho, DelöG Kurt, Einstein Albert, Lewis and Tolkien, Tsvetaeva Marina, Akhmatova Anna, Tesla Nikola, Twain Mark, Ford Henry, Edison Thomas, Haydn Joseph,  Mozart Amadeus, Wolfgang, Jefferson Thomas, Adams John, Agrippa Marcus, Augustus Octavian inspired this Infograhic.

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