How is infographic created?

Make sure the topic is interesting and you have a good and reliable set of data to work on. Make it trustworthy by including references to your data. Think of the info graphic in a story format in order to make it interesting. Make it matter by drawing conclusion from the set data. Choose a design kit that suit the data. Decide on colour scheme. Use well known and easy to understand diagrams. Let other people review it before you publish it.

How do you create info graphic?

You need a JPG, Vector EPS or AI Illustrator.

How to design an info graphics?

You don’t need to be a pro to design an info graphics. What you need is to have the idea and a rough sketch what you want the outcome to be. Designing at Info Graphics has been made easier by the tailor made templates ready for use by you. Anybody who has ever been to Info Graphic, always comes back and brings more with them. Thus, we have a data base of over 1000 clients who have approached through referrals by our pioneer clients.

How do I create info graphic?

One needs to be creative. At Info Graphic, we have user designed programmes which will produce the best visual graphics. Yours is just to provide the basic information and the rest will be done by Info Graphics. We will look into the detailed part of the information, research on the same and present to you with a well researched info graphic for end user to increase your sales in whatever field.

How do I create an info graphic resume?

The purpose of info graphic is to consolidate a pile of character information into a visual graphic presentation in order to make what seems to be wordy, more appealing. Most employers don’t have time to go through piles of detailed resumes. So you want to sell your resume to a prospective employer, forward your information to Info Graphic and we shall present you with a half page info graphic to present to him.