Festive Voicemail Greeting [Infographic]

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Whether you find the run up to Christmas and New Year a stressful or a magical time of year, it’s always a good idea to show your clients and other callers that your company is well into the spirit of the season. Learn the most effective ways to boost your business with the support of bright and attractive infographics that get their point across in an instant. There’s nothing more pleasant that a Christmas themed infographic at this time of year.christmas voicemail greetings infographic

Given that nearly 20% of people find voicemails and answering machines a real hassle to deal with, the festive period is an ideal to time inject some joy and humor into proceedings. This will work out nicely even if your callers aren’t celebrating just yet. As long as you make sure you keep the jokes light and don’t forget the actual point of your greeting message, everything will be great.

Over a quarter of callers admit feeling that listening to voicemail greetings is a burdensome activity, but you can easily assuage their bad feelings by taking inspiration from voicemail greetings left in some of the most famous and enjoyable Christmas-themed movies around. If you think you can get away with it, why not try a classic “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal” as inspired by Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin from Home Alone.



You could further enthuse the 79% of people who like hearing voicemail messages by performing your own rendition of a Christmas carol. Of course, you’ll have to tweak the lyrics a bit so that they fit your purpose. In fact, you can pretty much do this for any festive period throughout the year. It doesn’t have to be just Christmas and New Year that get special treatment.

Engage your foreign clients and impress the third of listeners who already look forward to checking their voicemails by using their local language. Whether you’ve got customers in mainland China or even in the Celtic-speaking areas of Great Britain, you can make your mark with a local touch.

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