It is said that a picture is worth on the thousand words. Infographic designs are something that entirely fits on this saying. It is now up to the reader that whether to read a full-fledged 1000 words article or to go through an infographic design of that particular article and gather the whole information through few scroll downs.

Infographic designing is although not easy but there are several infographic designing tools available online that help the individuals and organizations to develop infogrphic designs by their own. Below is the list of few online infographic tools.

What About me?

It is a personalization tool that helps in developing one’s own infographic design online. It is an online tool that produces colorful infographic designs and show social media activities such as Twiter and Facebook. The Intel exclusively provides this online tool. Through the application one can easily draw, an infographic design of his/her digital life and get inspired by other people he/she knows and the things he/she sees online.

Another online infographic designing tool,, allows the user to create his/her own online resume format that is beautiful, easy and relevant all with just a single click. It is a best tool to express one’s professional accomplishments in a simple and quite compelling way.


This online tool provides the user with a plenty of visualizations to create an innovative and attractive infographic. Such visualizations can be images, vectors, icons, themes etc. It allows the users to drag and drop the files and provides with a plenty of color schemes to play with. In the end, it exports the material as static or HTML for the easy embed of this at ones website. is an online infographic tool with a simple interface and literally a fun to use. It provides the user with drag and drop features and user can easily create and share visual ideas online, which are supported by themes and help in getting started with a present infographic design.