What is Infographic Design?

We get all sorts of questions from clients and  wondering how to design infographics.  While we’d love to answer all of these questions individually, we just don’t have the time!  That’s why we’ve brought together some of the most common questions in one page for you, right here.

Question 1: What is Infographic Design?

We get a lot of people asking us “what is infographics design?”  It’s quite simple really; infographic design is the art of taking complex concepts, relationships, or ideas and creating an image that represents them.  A solid, quality infographic can reduce hours of explanation into a few minutes of analysis and examination, saving time and effort (especially for people who are visually-oriented learners).  Studying how to design infographics can save you extraordinary time and effort in your organization, particularly when it comes to communicating your business ideas, plans, and organizational structure to subordinates.

Question 2: Where can you learn how to design an infographic like the pros?

There are all sorts of ways to learn infographic design.  Many schools are starting to offer classes in infrographic design as part of their graphic art programs; others are offering them separately or as part of a sub-program.  Many business programs are including this field now as well, due to the incredible usefulness of infographics in business.  And don’t forget the wide array of information available on the internet, most of it for free!

Question 3: Do you have any favorite infographic design tips?

A comprehensive “how to” infographic design guide is outside the reach of this page; however, we have a few things that might help you.  Make sure that you understand the concept thoroughly before trying to construct an infographic for it.  If you don’t know what you’re trying to say, your work will only confuse others.  Having a strong knowledge of the way people interact with color and form is also important when learning how to design infographics.  Finally, finding quality feedback and constantly refining your work is the best way to strengthen your skills.