How to Design Infographics: Step-By-Step Guide

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Which Are the Current Trends?

Do research and determine which topics are very much in the public eye now. The key factor in your choice of a topic is, can your target audience bond with the topic emotionally, and is it something that stirs them. It may be a new development in your industry field, which has a bearing on many individuals in that field. There are some resources that may point you in the right direction, like Google trends. This useful resource is often an excellent indicator of exactly what interest people right now, as is revealed by what topics they research on Google. There are excellent sites on how to design infographics full of how and what to do.

Google Trends

Just go to the Google trends site and enter a few keywords related to your field of interest. Another tool worth mentioning is, which a very popular info graphic database. Those info graphics that are performing well are excellent indicators of what is holding people’s attention.

Sifting and Sorting

Now that your research has been done and you have a better idea of which direction to go, you now have to assemble the data, which will be necessary to support your info graphic, naturally all will depend on the specific data you would like to include. Now you have to decide whether your info graphic is going to cover data and statistics or rather useful tips and other insights, since you have to build your data around your chosen platform. Once again, Google provides invaluable assistance through Google News, an amazing place to seek data for your info graphic. Because of strict measures implemented by Google, all information is legitimate and reliable. If you do not know how to design a custom infographics search the web for instructions. Do not neglect your own company’s resources, colleagues may already have more than you need or may offer valuable advice.

Make the Best of Your Data

Don’t get carried away by your enthusiasm, any well presented info graphic presentation is a very fine balance between data presented, never use more than ten data points, you don’t want to lose your audience. The data need to be finely contrasted with cool visualizations that are fresh and easily understandable and instantly conveys your message and not distracting from it. How to design info graphics tips are found on many websites.

There is really no reason to put it off. Info graphics is much easier than mathematics in school, try it and you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is.

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