We believe that the customer should understand how to create an infographic. Here are the five simple steps that we follow to create a infographic:

Gathering information

We can create custom infographics because we can imagine and come up with different ideas. But for that, we obviously need a subject. This subject is provided by you and we start work on it as soon as we get it. The subject should have a description of what you want us to do in the infographic. This helps us to create custom infographics very quickly. This information is taken from you by a project manager. He acts as the media between the customer and the company during the whole time period of the assignment.

Drafting the layout

After going through the notes that you give us, we prepare a draft sketch. To create custom infographics, a draft is very important. It gives an idea of how the final infographic will look like. We then send this draft to you for comments and suggestions.

Implementing suggestions

Once we receive the draft back from you, we then apply the suggestions into the infographic. The draft is the finalized and formally created in different formats. So when we create infographic, you get it in many formats. This will help you to use the infographic in many places. These formats can be png, gif, tif, jpeg etc. You can even embed it on your website.


After the designer has finished making the changes that you ordered, the infographic is then reviewed by a senior. All the details, right from the technical ones to the literary ones are checked and cross-checked. This is why we guarantee cent per cent satisfaction from the customer.


Once all the quality checks have been made, we send the infographic to you. As we honor our commitment towards our customers, we are always ready to make minor changes in the infographic even after delivery.

And this is how we create custom infographics!