Infographics have certainly changed the landscape in many websites because they are visually attractive keeping viewers browsing through the webpage for more than a few minutes. Although building an infographic may sound easy, it’s not just about linking images together that will attract the target audience. The context of the infographic should be informative to the readers which mean you need to map out how your images will relate to one another. Also, you need to learn how to do infographic design in order to attract the right audience.

How to Promote Your Infographic

  • Send a press release that is SEO optimized. Optimization helps improve your website’s ranking and keyword plus it is a good way to share information on what your infographic is all about.
  • Release in social media. This is simply a press release that is built for social media platforms.
  • Build a sharing plan for your infographic in social media. You should publish the infographic that you’ve created in your blog then provide support for your post in social media sites like Facebook.
  • Send infographic to online directories. This will help with your infographic promotion.
  • Begin your manual outreach. This is tougher than you think it is. The two methods that you can use are to email blogs that are related to your infographic and the other is to send tweets to those who you think will benefit from your infographic.

 Infographic Specialists

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