Infographics: Demand over Time

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quintly_infographic_blog_openerAccording to Google Trends, the interest in infographics has been generally growing for some time. Even though there has been a slight dip in the last quarter or so, the current levels are still far beyond what they were even in 2012. Indeed, they’ve grown exponentially worldwide for sometime now and should continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Watching these trends could be interesting for those involved in the business.

Custom Infographics

Having received a search value of 70, custom infographics have seen a lot of search demand. People searching for these terms are probably trying to find an organization that they can work with to produce infographics for their business or site. Producing infographics has become more important because of a wish to display information in new and interesting ways that make relationships more clearly to readers.

Interestingly, design services might have a leg up over free infographics sites. Free infographics have continued to fall in the trends, perhaps because the graphics produced from these sites aren’t always useful. Some of them will end up being in the wrong file format, and most will look quite bland. Worst of all, free sites have a tendency to produce blocky graphics, and this can be a serious problem at the end of the day. As a result, people are making a real switch if the data collected from Google Trends is to be trusted.

Infographics Design Services

Considering that this search term has a value of 20, it can be surmised too that people want to contract out their design needs because they can usually use the graphic as they see fit then. Those that get their graphics from a free site might have serious restrictions on what they can and can’t do with them. Copyright is a serious issue with these types of graphics, and that kind of concern is widespread.

People who order custom ones don’t have to worry about these kinds of things. Still, it might be useful to look at regional demand before drawing any serious conclusions. Nevertheless it’s obvious that the industry looks strong as far as search engine results are concerned. While this isn’t necessarily a foolproof system of testing the viability of an entire industry it does suggest that things are somewhat healthy for the time being.

New Infographics

This keyword was up as well, with a value of 30. Perhaps most notable is the fact that Singapore now rose to 100 in the field of infographics, along with the Philippines at 61. South Africa rounds out the top three with a rating of 47. This might reflect a recent shift in the industry.

Internet publications and information retrieval systems are becoming more important. Publications from these countries are also becoming more prominent worldwide. It’s natural that the two would continue to grow together. Small businesses are still the top driving and ordering forces of new infographics in western countries, judging by what was seen on the Google Trends site.

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