What Can We Learn from Famous Nurses on TV [Infographic]

Nursing on TV

Have you ever thought how much, what we see on TV influences our perception of the world? Sexy Nurses, Scary Nurses, Caring Nurses – list of most famous nurses, that influenced our lives in what can we learn from famous nurses on TV [infographic].

Famous Nurses TV Infographic

Get to know the best nurses in history! Check out our famous nurses’ infographics highlighting scary nurses, sexy nurses and famous nurses. You will learn so much from this image that was made to promote a nursing website. And it did work! Our famous nurses’ infographics gained attention online – with more shares and likes from users worldwide. We have helped spread awareness about these nurses that have helped in shaping the views of people about them and have increased. Our team at Infographic Design Services offers affordable and competitive packages for nurse websites, content providers, and other individuals, who aim at increasing brand awareness, educate the public, spread information, highlight facts and data and improve their credibility.

Description of Nurses Infographic

In this image, you will find important facts and data about scary nurses, sexy nurses and famous nurses. A scary nurse example on infographic design services is Nurse Diesel in High Anxiety. She was a major nursing influence that time, being known as a murderous maniac that also happens to have interest in witchcraft. Then, a sexy nurse we included in the graphic is Evelyn Johnson, who is known as a thoughtful, fun and classy woman and well-trained nurse. Then, there is one of the most famous nurses of all time in the person of Florence Nightingale that worked during the Crimean War. She is one of the best nurses in history that is also a great social reformer and statistician founder of modern nursing. Below, check out more nursing facts and stats.

Interesting Tidbits about Nursing Career

  • The School Nurse Day is January 27.
  • The warmer months of the year record the most number of emergency room visits.
  • Per capita of all nations, the countries that top the highest nurses ratio is Monaco, Norway, Belarus, Finland and Ireland (not in a  particular order), according to the World Health Organization.
  • The National Nurses Week is celebrated from May 6 to 12.
  • Only about 0.1 per 100,000 people is the total number of psychiatric nurses working in poor nations, according to the WHO report in 2001.
  • One black slave in the name of James Derham worked in New Orleans as a nurse in 1783.  Having been able to make enough money, he bought his freedom, allowing him to move to a new state – Philadelphia where he soon became a doctor.
  • Who’s the first nurse to earn a diploma in the US? Her name is Linda Richards. She earned her diploma in 1873.

Career Facts You Don’t Want to Miss

Did you know that nursing is the largest profession in the healthcare industry in the US, accounting for up to 3.6 million registered ones practicing countrywide? Even with a large professional population, more nurses are still needed to meet the rising nursing demand in the US. Did you know that 50% of healthcare profession students are made up of nursing students? Through 2018, registered nurse employment will grow at a faster rate than any other occupations in the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What Can We Learn from Famous Nurses on TV [Infographic]

Take a look at our Famous Nurses Infographic. Have we forgotten to include your favorite nurse on TV?

famous nurses infographic

This Infographic was retrieved from Nursing personal statement.

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