You have a wordy resume and you are wondering what to do to make you sell yourself to the prospective employer? Come to us and we will do wonders with your resume.

Why an Infographic Resume?

Most employers don’t have the time to go through the so many applications with several pages of text. So how will yours tick out of them all? Come to us and we will design for you an eye catchy resume using infographics. We will convert it to a well-designed piece of creative art that will pull the eye of the hiring manager. You are at a disadvantage if you don’t have a creative resume.

What Do We Do to Make Your Resume Stand Out?

In order to achieve the above, we stick to simplicity. We choose fewer colors and play around with font types and sizes. Once we play around with the fonts and colors, we produce something simple but which will leave the hiring manager wanting to see more and yearning to meet the owner of the resume. Now with that, what will make you not be hired?  Depending on what you are applying for as in, your field of profession, we will choose for you the right colors. The best colors that work for us are gray, white, and black. A mix of all or some of the colors produces a striking resume to attract. But at times, even a monochromatic color mix does the trick for us because we do it in such a way that at the end of the day, it will make an impact to the hiring manager. And even in resume writing, we don’t forget that infographics are about telling a story and it should be a great one for that. We make sure we understand what you are trying to pass across to the hiring manager and we position you for the vacancy in that great company you are yearning to work for. Last but not least, we try to make it simple so that it doesn’t even become more complex than the text. It should just be, by the flip of a finger, the hiring manager is able to tell what you really are trying to apply without having to go through the whole thing. Come to us and the job is yours for keeps.

 Creating an infographic resume is up to you now!