We provide a money back service. If you are not satisfied with our final product, you are free to bring it back and we refund each penny without a fuss. We don’t go hustling the customer to pay half or refuse with your cash. Immediately we get the rejected infographic, we guarantee every penny you gave to us will be wired back to you. I think you have not heard of such a 100% refund on service for a long time. At Info Graphics, services not accepted are not worthy services, so why retain a client’s money? This makes us work extra hard to satisfy our customer because we need to offer quality and out of this world services, to earn the cash.

What Makes Our Services Tick?

When a client brings work, we go through it and correct the common mistakes most clients do and turn them around to make their final infographic to stick. Most clients engage in self-indulgence. They talk about their products and services instead of explaining to their end users what their product is made of, the origin and future of their product/services and interesting thing about their product/services. We do all this for them. We avoid making superficial infographics, we use the reliable data base we to research widely for the client in order to produce a detailed infographic. At all times, we try to target the audience and that is why to have the story in mind is very important so that during the designing, we come up with a story and an audience and strive to satisfy and entertain this imaginary audience. We simplify the idea so that it is not complex to grasp. The idea of an infographic is to create a long lasting image in the mind of the end user. If the end product is not achieving that then it isn’t worth being called an info graphics. And last but not least, we don’t just design and create images, we try to come up with a final art that will communicate the idea positively and make the clients’ sales go upward and not make the end user use the client after viewing the infographic.

Our infographics design service ready to help you!