We make awesome info graphics. We have the right tool for the job. We make best info graphics which will catch the attention of the client. We design killer info graphics that will sell you like crazy. Some of the tools we use to come up with those info graphics including but not confined to the following: Good labs, Easelly, visually, inform, online charts builder, piechart, Venngage, Many Eyes and Intel’s what about me.

How the Design Tools Work

Good labs are a creation of so many individuals and organizations that came up with some nice infographics for use when drawing pie charts. Easelly is powered by WordPress and good to use when we are creating and share visuals; visually which allows us to easily create infographics with the data you provide to us. Infogram, when used, you feel like you are using Adobe Illustrator online, so if you like Adobe Illustrator graphics, this is what we will use to design your infographics. Online chart builder comes in handy when we are creating charts. So when doing charts we have an option of using Good Labs or Online Chart builder. Piktochart, on the other hand, is just fun to work with. It makes our work fun and interesting. We use Venngage when we want to engage you, our user, we create and publish the infographics and the design tool enables us to track the results of what you have changed on the infographic. In our set of tools for designing infographics, we have a wonderful one referred to as Many eyes which provide us with a variety of many visualization methods to make us stand out of the crowd of the so many infographics designing companies. Intel’s IBM “What about me” is also a design tool in our library. We use it to create infographics about our users’ digital life.

The Final Design

With all the above and many more tools in our stock, give us your sketch or detailed information and we will come up with an infographic that will amaze you if not just make you perplexed. Welcome to our world of design.

Make infographics without worrying!