Pokemon Go App Stats [Infographic]

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When it first came to the Western market, Pokémon was an absolute phenomenon. It gained popularity the likes of which were never seen before for what was essentially a kids’ cartoon. When you’re showing all the latest fun facts about a legendary game like this, you can easily make use of the same attention-grabbing animation style in your infographics.

Pokemon GO App Stats Infographics

With the release of the Pokémon Go mobile app, budding Pokémon hunters could use the magic of augmented reality technology to catch these digital beasts for real. It was so popular that it reached the top spot on the download charts for all devices in just 5 hours. This was more than twice as quick as any previous app that managed to claim the number one position.

Pokémon Go was initially so sought after that as many as 5% of all Android phones had a copy of the app installed. It even managed to rival Twitter for the number of daily users playing the game, although it has to be said that it didn’t quite overtake the immensely popular social media platform.

Americans tend to stick with miles and gallons rather than meters and liters, but Pokémon Go seems to the leading the vanguard to change this for good. The Google Trends tool shows a massive increase in searches for conversions from kilometers to miles as a result of the distances you need to walk to hatch Pokémon eggs.

You probably already knew that Candy Crush is one of the highest grossing apps to have ever existed, but Pokémon Go was able to outshine this by 7 times if we take into consideration only the first month of revenue since the official release date. Pokémon Go ended up making more than $200 million in a single month.

At one point, it was thought that Pokémon Go might be the answer to solving Nintendo’s ailing fortunes. Even though Pokémon Go is free to download, there are all kinds of different options when it comes to in-app purchases, leading to great interest for investors and the rise of Nintendo’s stock prices by an incredible 23% after the app was released.

At the height of its popularity, Pokémon Go was driving all kinds of new and related business ventures. Some desperate players were even willing to pay as much as $25 per hour for a driver to take them around the city to catch the rarest Pokémon. Display this fascinating fact and so much more when you take advantage of colorful and attractive infographics designed by the best cartoonists.

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