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If you spend much time on the internet, you are probably familiar with the so-called infographics or also known as data visualization. Thos long images that are presented in a created way with data in visual format as infographics. In fact, it becomes popular because it is easy to share and understand. People can able to share it with Facebook, Twitter as well as Pinterest. Check our  infographic resume examples here.

Resume Infographic Template


Resume Infographic Template

infographic resume templatesTo make the best resume, there are resume infographic templates that serve as your guide, so you can choose any  timeline infographic template or any other one. If you already have the template you need for yourself, here are some important things that you need to consider to make the best graphic.

  • Visual appeal: This is about choosing colors as well as shapes on page. The truth is that there are actually principles of designs in creating the best resume. Most employers likely to read a paper that is visually appealing and created in a unique way because they think that the applicant put effort with it. For example, you can check out the resume infographic of Danielle Degli Ali that presents well thought information that is pleasing to the eye and gets the attention of the viewer. In the sample, all the principles are being used such as the similarity, closure, continuation, figure, proximity, order and symmetry.

  • Cleanliness: Resume that looks good is needed and also it is easy to understand even though it is too much critical. The best thing with infographics is that it lots information is able to simplify into concise and clear visual message. A well-designed infographics provides clarity to the reader. Even though the content is confusing, it is easy to understand with the use of image and text. A good example in here is the one created by Matthew Philips who makes a clear presentation about his experience section.

  • Substance: Beyond the images, your resume infographics must need to have valuable information. What you need is to present timeline accomplishments, ROI for clients, static of results, concise tagline and quotes from references.

Our Infographic Resume Templates

If you want to check out real infographic resume templates, find some  infographic templates for powerpoint  on our website. You will witness how it is being presented in informing relevant information to viewer.

Find all information that you need about infographic resume examples here.

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