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What Our Infographic Design Company Can Do for You

Infographics Design Services is a design company with plenty to offer the discerning customer looking for stylish visualization of their data for a mainstream audience of consumers. There is no end to the streams of information coursing through the internet and into the eyes of people on social media like Facebook and Twitter. As a highly experienced graphic design company, we provide services that other graphic design companies aspire to but can’t quite capture the way we can.

Our Creative Services Cover

infographic researchInfographics research – specially on your topic we will complete a full research and find interesting statistics, facts, do comparisons, so your infographic would be really interesting and valuable. We guarantee that research will be original and properly referenced. We will submit all information to you in a Word document and upon your confirmation, pass it to our design team. This service includes writing part only (no design).

infographic design

Infographics design – we specialize in creation of data visualizations in different styles. You may either suggest us a template to follow or simply send samples of infographics you personally liked. Upon review and clarification of all details, our designers will create a unique image for you based on infographics facts. In case you don’t have the completed research, you may order this additional service from our team.

infographic distribution

Infographics distribution – to get more value from your original research, we highly recommend all clients to proceed with infographics distribution. This service covers submission of the image to 20 specialized infographics websites, each submission will include your image, short description and link to your website.

Types of Infographics We Create

Our designers specialize in 5 types of infographic images:

infographic visualization

Mixed Charts – the most common and classic type of infographics, that is usually requested for websites. It could be in a form of a banner or full infographics. We create such designs for absolutely any industry and in any color – just provide us with your facts, statistics, numbers – our agency will come up with something unique for you. You may check our samples to see how your infographic may look like.

infographic resumeInfographic resumes – such CV became very popular trend nowadays and more and more job-seekers are choosing this resume type to catch the employer’s eye. Our skilled designers will make a creative infographic CV in the colors of your choice. To get started you would only need to provide us with the resume document and few comments on how you’d like us to design your resume.

timeline infographicTimeline infographic – is a chronological infographic that takes the viewer through the life of a product or important historical event. Our timelines set us apart as an infographic company that cares about concise, clear information as much as the stylish design we endeavor to include with every piece of work we produce.

animated infographicsAnimated infographic – also known as infographic videos are a cutting-edge trend in commercials. Such small creative videos not only catch the eye of a prospective client, but also help to educate him on the key features of the product or service. To start working on such a video for your company we would need a script with interesting facts or stats and clarifications regarding the color scheme you’d like us to use.

how-to infographic servicesHow-to infographic – this type takes the reader through some steps, guidelines, instructions. Our design agency is ready to edit the steps of your product creation and provide you with high-quality sketches and multiple infographic revisions. These infographics are extremely popular to show the development of products. We are ready to work with all kinds of companies and services.

location infographic creationLocation infographic – this type is used to deliver some local trends, statistics and expectations. These infographics are applicable for roadmaps, travel destinations, top locations to visit etc. We can provide you with the greatest design graphs based on your data. Just send the information you had gathered and we will transform it into a unique image that will bring you both SEO links and company authority.

hiararchical infographic design servicesHierarchical infographic – the information on this infographic is organized according to the levels of importance, income, needs, structures, values etc. As a matter of fact, it has a triangle or a cone as the base and is followed by several arrows, names, numbers and figures.

visual comparisonInfographic comparison – the final service our infographic design company offers is the versus or comparison infographic, which pits two or more different subjects against each other in order to showcase their differences and similarities. Such visuals may become an effective way to showcase how your service differs from others, since they visually represent all benefits of your company.

photo-graphic design servicePhoto-graphic – or photo-based infographic differs from classic infographics just because images there are not vector/animated/abstract patterns but real life photographs. Of course, some text and minor graph elements are easily implemented into it. We can edit your photos and add informational graphs to design a decent photo-graphic for you.

Why We Are One of the Best Infographic Design Services

In our age, when Google is looking only for high-quality backlinks, and all the methods, that could help you rank by your keywords a year ago, don’t work today, creation and distribution of great visual infographics is an easy possibility to get some high-quality links to your site, that will definitely help you grow in positions for all the search engines. The problem you might encounter is that it might be hard to think of a good topic of your future infographic, that will be both informative and attractive to readers, and connected to the service or product that you have to offer in some way. It’s a very thin line, between creating an infogrpahic, that will be considered by major publishing portals as too “consumeristic” and “self-promoting”, and therefore, be rejected for publishing, and creating an infographic, that would be fun for users to read, but won’t lead any perspective buyers to your site. will do a thorough research of your product and will deliver you with an infographic design, that will bring you both visitors and quality links.

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A Graphic Design Company with a Difference

So what makes our infographics company different than all the other infographic companies? Simple. Other graphic design companies rely on the tried and true infographics that many viewers have seen before and are not interested in seeing again. Our infographic design company takes the classic infographics and adds a difference: we at Infographic Design Services employ a wide swath of styles through all types of infographics in order to strike a balance between visual modernism and data. We, as a graphic design company, refuse to promote style over substance. Unlike other infographic companies we seek a successful joining of the two for the benefit of our customers and viewers.

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