The Evolution of Web Design Infographics

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The Info Graphic Evolution

The history books ascribe the first use of info graphics to a scientist who in 1626 in a book on the rotations of the sun used a form of info graphics to demonstrate his opinions. A. Hundred years later a man used info graphics to represent the economy of England and he made use of statistical graphs, bar charts, histograms, and line graphs. In the early 1800’s a Geography book appeared wherein the maps had legends, scales and a number of groundbreaking tools. These developments were also included in other books of that era. Even Florence Nightingale uses a diagram that illustrates child mortality rates during the Crimean War. She used them again to persuade Queen Victoria to improve conditions in military hospitals. Her request was substantiated by combination of stacked bar and pie charts with detailed information on monthly deaths during that war. We have come a long way to create web design info graphics, as we know them today.

Info Graphics Is an Old Horse

A man named Charles Minard, created an impressive info graphic, detailing Napoleon’s disastrous march on Moscow. In that impressive presentation are captured four changing variables that illustrate what factors contributed to Napoleon’s defeat. It includes the direction of travel, the route followed, and the decreasing numbers as soldiers succumbed to cold and exposure. The term graph was developed in 1878, by James Joseph Sylvester for use in the scientific magazine “Nature” and various diagrams was employed to illustrate chemical and mathematical properties. It included some of the first mathematical graphs. It is an amazing road that web design info graphic development had to travel before it evolved into the medium we have today.

20th Century Developments

The Vienna Method was the developed by a man called Otto Neurath, which introduces simple images that was used to represent data. More developments followed in 1942 when the Lettrist manifesto was published by Isidore Isou. This document covered many mediums like; poetry, art, political theory, culture and film. Fortunately, the web design info graphics design medium no longer need to be a hit and run experience, since there are thousands of well-tested designs and advice on the web so that everyone can master the skills to excel in this medium. So do not delay the materials are freely accessible to everyone and easy steps are provided that are easily followed.

So start today and see how easy and how possible it is to succeed!

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