Top Infographic Resumes Samples

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There are many designs when it comes to infographic resumes but not all of it is great to use because there are some that are not effective. If you are seeking for a great infographic that will help you in your application, here is what you are looking for.

Great Infographic Resume Examples

  1. Typical Time Line: Creating an infographic resume is not easy but when you constructed it perfectly, you can able to impress your employer. If you want to update your resume, this infographic is the best to use. It has a typical time line theme with a concept of art. If you use it for your application, you are guaranteed to have a successful application. The infographic do not have any unit measure or delineate percentage.

Typical Time Line

  1. Project Experience Oriented Resume: If you want to get the attention of your employer, this infographic resume is what you are looking for. A map with links provides more details about what you have done in the past. Definitely, a one-of-a-kind resume helps you to have an appealing resume.

Project Experience Oriented Resume

  1. Mass Transit System: If you want to submit a resume with a style or design of mass transit system, this infographic is good for you. You can still work on in this infographic to make it better but if you want to have it as ease, there is nothing wrong with it because the appearance is good.

Mass Transit System

  1. Piece Maps: This piece maps infographic will absolutely get the attention of your employer. It has lots of contexts that you can have and follow. It has a good surface that catches the attention of the person of who will review your resume. You have a good milestone with it.

Piece Maps

  1. Interesting Direction: If you want to try something new in your resume, you can have this infographic. The design is different from the rest and you will have an interesting direction to it.

Interesting Direction

  1. Four Timelines: If you want to try something that is different from standard A4, this infographic is a great help for you. It represents the essential parts of your life.

Four Timelines

X-Axis: If you want an x-axis resume infographic, this design is what you need. It shows what you have and what you have gained in the past.


If you are looking for a good infographic resume design, this top seven infographics are your best help. Choose the best one and have it now!

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