Visual Revolution: Interactive Infographics

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The Rise of Interactive Infographics

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Infographics may be the most interesting and entertaining way to share information and data to an audience. Businesses may choose to use infographics in order to establish their brand and build a potential market. Through infographics, a large set of information and data can be shared to an audience, while at the same time keeping this audience interested and entertained. With the need for more data, the use of interactive infographics can be a great advantage. This new innovation allows an audience to gain access to a large set of data without being overwhelmed by such. In addition, these interactive data visualizations allow for an even more entertaining platform. Through user interaction, the audience reading such infographics may experience a more personal level of understanding of the data being presented through these infographics.

Tips in Creating an Interactive Infographic

Creating a plain infographic alone can already be a handful as it entails research and time; even more so when creating an interactive infographic. However, utilizing such marketing and branding data visualizations can be of a great advantage to businesses and corporations. With the easy sharing options for infographics, these visualizations can easily reach a large audience within a short time. Thus, multiple factors must be taken into consideration when creating these interactive infographics. Here are some tips which can be followed in designing these interactive visualizations.

  • Take note of data distribution

One of the main reasons why businesses choose to use these interactive forms of infographics is the ability for such visualizations to hold a large amount of information. It is important to consider how the data and information is distributed throughout the infographic in order to keep the audience’s attention sustained while at the same time maximizing information dissemination through such a small space.

  • Utilization of various user features

In interactive data infographics, the use of various user functionalities can be made use of to maximize the user-interface. With large amounts of data, users can have access to highlighting, scrolling and rollovers, enabling the easier digestion of data and information.

  • Learn from other interactive information visualizations

Through other data visualizations, one can learn more of the various tricks and designs which can be used in creating interactive data infographics. Use these as template or as guide, or use these to further improve, employing new codes and designs in creating an infographic.

Country Information Data Visualization

World Economic Forum publishes every year its annual report, at the center of which we can find the economic values of countries’ competiveness index. We have accessed the rankings of top 100 countries in the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) in 2014-2015. With modern methods, data visualization has never been as easy.
Through our graphics viewers are able to understand vast amounts of information, that they would bother reading otherwise. Useful data: one interesting fact is worth more than a dozen mediocre ones. Do the country rankings in this infographic surprise you?


Interactive Infographics Services

Indeed, writing and creating interactive infographics entails a certain skill set, effort and time. In this light, we are able to provide premium infographics services, helping you create an infographic for your personal or business use. With us, you are ensured of a effectively crafted infographic to highlight your business or whatever information you want in your data visualization. With skilled creative designers, you are provided with some of the most unique and innovative designs that you can definitely use to your advantage. Contact now to learn more of the services that we offer and to make the most of interactive data visualizations for your use.

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